Linguacluster, more languages, more opportunities!

Linguacluster aims at removing the tresholds between the Euregion Maas-Rhine regions by means of initiatives which enlarge our knowledge of neighbouring languages as well as cultural and professional customs within the neighbouring regions.

Language and culture are not only learnt at school, but by experience and observation as well. That is why “Linguacluster” offers a wide range of motivating meet-up activities, new learning possibilities and inspiring learning material to finetune your knowledge of German, French and Dutch in an innovative way.
A sound knowledge of our neighbours’ languages and cultures is a great advantage. It opens a whole new world in the field of learning, experience, study and work. More languages, more opportunities!

About us

Linguacluster stimulates the process of learning together beyond the boundaries. We bring you into contact with our Euregional neighbours, we take care of the financial support and we offer original learning materials. The Linguaclusterbook combines our complete offer.

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