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Languages... Your trump card on the job market!


Would you like to discover the world of enterprise while learning a new language and culture?
Linguacluster makes it possible for you!
The “Maison des Langues” coordinates this action. Please check for more information about the activities.

Target groups


Traineeships in Euregional companies!

Linguacluster offers pupils from the third grade of vocational school the opportunity to follow a professionally-related language traineeship in a suitable Euregional company.
The good news is that Linguacluster actually subsidizes this traineeship for a period of two weeks!

Your pupils learn German or Dutch? Linguacluster offers them the opportunity to improve their professional and linguistic skills: by having them follow a traineeship in Belgian Limburg, Dutch Limburg, in the Belgian German-speaking Community or in Germany itself, your pupils get into contact with the customs and habits of other cultures.

The Linguacluster-traineeship, an added value for your CV!

At the end of the traineeship your pupils get an official certificate which attests to their participation in the Euregional traineeship: an extra value for every CV!

The teacher’s opinion? Some of them have already testified.

I am writing to inform you that everything goes very well for Matthias […]. He was really satisfied. He even thinks of going to work there [Techspace Aero, a company in Liège where Matthias did his Linguacluster traineeship] after three years of higher education. I really want to thank you for what you have done for him.
[teacher of French from Tessenderlo, Belgian Limburg]

A language course tailored to your specific needs in the Euregion!

You want to learn Dutch or German, or enlarge your knowledge of these languages? You wish an orientation towards a course which really suits your profile (student, employee or outplacement)?

As of 2012, Linguacluster offers a database listing all language institutes that provide language teaching within the Euregion, including an overview of all existing possibilities.

For more information please contact the Maison des Langues de la Province de Liège for personalized advice:

Language courses for 5 shortage professions!

You want to increase your professional possibilities? You are interested in a job as a secretary, receptionist, computer scientist, logistical employee or commercial employee and thus you would like to improve your languages within these fields?

Linguacluster enables you to assess your knowledge within the desired professional field and offers you the opportunity to take a language course in German or Dutch through «blended learning ».

Online trainings, always available, will be offered by means of an online distant learning platform which ensures a qualitative and educational coaching.

How to participate

More info + contact

Contact the contact person from your region.

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